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People....read this! I need it :(.
Since, apparently, my trip to Japan was a great one (it was mostly good), I will write about what some people want to hear (er, read?)

-Girls and their fascination with my breasts. No, I am not kidding.

Girls in Japan don't seem to have that big of breasts. I'm not saying the girls are all FLAT, but I'm not saying they're buxom women or anything. They range from A cup to C cup usually. Anyways, I have DD's. Lets keep this in mind, k? I go to Japan and I am "FAT". No, I am not fat....I am Greek and Italian. It's different. So, while I was in Japan, my girl guides would say that my chest is "sugoi". I am "cho sexy". Yes, I know. Now, let me take my dose of reality pills....I am not the cutest girl there. These girls who were saying this were SO DAMN CUTE. I wanted to snuggle them (yes, I know that is pathetic).

A few times when I wore my Vic's Secret bra, I'd have to go and tell them they are not real. This is how it usually happened:

Me: The bra padding is right here. *points to bottom of boob*
Random friends: ........ *stare*
Me: *sigh* Come here, ______ (usually one I think is QUITE sane)
Sane friend: *comes*
Me: *puts her hand on FAKE part of boob*
Sane: OMG!

Well, that started it. So everytime I wore that bra, I'd have to say "FAKE" and they'd touch. No. I said ONE GIRL can touch it! ONE. And all the girls touch! Le Sigh. Anyways, that doesn't compare to the fun in the bath. Yes, the bath. Let's fast foward to my last night at Lake Yamanaka. It was a normal night as usual, all the girls standing naked (well, with a smallllll towel that doesn't cover much) waiting for a shower. I, without hesitation, ask to share a "stall" with one girl. She's like "yeah, whatever" in that polite Japanese way. I take a quick shower and then decide to jump into the hot hot hot bath.

Tomomi was there. AKA: Loudmouth friend with a happy problem. Worse than Yuuka. Or Yuuko. Whatever!

So her and some girls I kinda know (but not really) are all talking to me in Japanese and English and me, being kinda sad because it's my last night, just kinda smile and chat back. That's when they start talking about my chest. Oh god, here it comes! I think, as they are like "CHO SEXXYYYY" (very sexy) and then Tomomi touches it and giggles. The others take that as a queue and they do it too. Well, 2 other girls do. I was like "Nani??!" and promptly put my hands over my chest...however, I realized that was stupid and just let them touch. What could I do? I made a motion to Tomomi's small chest and said "I want yours". She giggled that REALLY ANNOYING LAUGH she has and I wanted to smack her....but I didn't. She's like "I'm small! I want yours!"

By this point, 2 more girls touched my chest. I felt slightly proud and then very, very disturbed. I was just touched by Japanese girls! I didn't touch them back!

I must be like, totally ethical or something. I should have pinched their nipples.
I didn't, and I am sad.

Ok, and that's done.

-Why Shibuya isn't THAT bad.

I have this long speech about Japan and how all the places are soooo cool. It's true. And Shibuya is one of the best places! I always thought Shibuya was just for fashion/GALS and really boring. However, from the first time I set foot in Shibuya, I knew it was different. The girls looked nicely dressed and the boys looked extra hot. Yes, I decided, this is a city I can come to love.

I never did come to love it, I just admired it.

My favorite part of Shibuya was the scramble intersection! All these people going all different directions! Basically, it's a signal and the crosswalks go DIAGNOL! (yes, I can't spell.) You see so many different types of people, it's crazy. Anyways, as soon as you get into Shibuya, you are greeted by SIGNS. A lot of signs. It was nice to see at night.

Anyways, basically I saw ganguros and some scary people! I bought some hair things there for cheap too.

Ok I am done for now. ~_~


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